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This page is here to help you get familarized with the game play on Minecraft.

You start out on top of a hotel. Enter through the double doors in front of you and fall down the tunnel and read the rules signs. Once you have read the rules follow the instructions on the signs to find the sign to promote yourself to a new member, and use the button next to it to get a random teleport.
After you have teleported to a random location and found a decent place to build. Use either the /sethome command, or sleep in a bed. So if you die you spawn back in that location. After that, what you build and do is up to you!
Server currency is a rather new feature, and it allows you to use /tpahere, /home, and /spawn commands for µ350. You may also sell items to players for "µ" the in-game currency.
Currently there are a few way to aquire currency. One is to vote on server lists, which gives you µ350 for each vote and you can vote three times a day. Another way is to kill hostile mobs, which will give you a random amount between µ0.25 and µ3.00. You also gain µ50 per every half hour of playtime. You can also trade other players items/services for in-game currency.
We have a datapack that drops heads from all mobs when killed on a rare occasion. Plus the Ender Dragon drops Elytra's, and Enderman rarely drop Shulker shells. This is to help curb the issue of The End being raided.
We use a Single Player Sleep plugin that allows a single person to sleep to make night go slightly faster. The more people that sleep the faster the night goes. It is calculated by how many players are on-line and how many players are sleeping.
We use the plugin BlockLocker To lock a chest, shulker chest, furnace, crafting table, or door just place a sign on it to make it private. To allow redstone items to modify your locked blocks add the [Redstone] tag to the third line of the sign by using /bl 3 [Redstone]. You can also use the same feature to allow other users to access your protected blocks. /bl 3 UserName. Read more on the plugins page for help or ask a Mod/Admin.

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